Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amber's News 4/25/2011

So now I'm with my new compañera. I'm with Hermana Hadlock!!! So mom u know my companion. Thats pretty neat huh. We are both in a new sector it is called Compañia. I'm pretty excited it is going to be an adventure. It is going to be a little different though because we are in Santiago, Santiago like the city, city. There are so many people here. There are a lot of business and there is always something happening. We had been working with someone in Quqilicura she was really great but she was having a hard time with prayer. She was reciting and didn't want to give it up. So we read a scripture in the bible that says that we shouldn't recite so then she realized she shouldn't and she committed to praying. She has a lot of interest but it is hard to get her to go to church too. I know the new sisters are going to help here a lot. Well I hope to have a lot more to write next week. I am really tired today my comp was up packing till like 3 so I didn't really sleep and then we had to get back up at five and I finished packing my bags.
I love u soooo much and this week we are going to find a place where we can have the phone call so next Monday I will give u the phone number and the times and everything. Because we are in a new sector we don't really know right now so... I think it will be a little later than when we called before because we will have church and everything.
Well I love love u and am excited to talk to you.
Love your princess, Sister Moss

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