Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amber's News 4/11/2011

Hello, Hello,
So I had been doing better with all the fire and burning experiences until.... yesterday. It is a good thing u told me to keep the burn free close. We were with a family and he brought us some hot chocolate cuz it was really really cold out side. He gave Hna Dinsdale her cup and she couldn't even touch the sides cuz it was so hot but finally he got it to her. Then he brought me my cup and I had it on my lap on a plate and I don't know what happened but I spilt a bit of the burning hot chocolate on my lap. The best part was that it didn't burn. It was because it was where my garments were and I didn't feel anything it was just like water. The family was like freaking out they were all asking me if I was in pain and if I got burnt and I was just like no I didn't feel anything. Then later in the night I looked at my garment and it was a brown from the hot coco and I looked at my leg and everything was fine it wasn't red or anything. It was a pretty neat experience. So I would have needed to use my burn free but the burning hot, hot chocolate didn't burn me.
Later in the night we found a woman named Leticia we taught her the restoration. It was really great and she accepted a date to be baptized!! We were really excited to find her and to teach her. We taught another woman earlier in the week and this lesson was so powerful the woman started crying. Her name was Merlin. It was really weird cuz I knocked on her door and we were talking to her and she told us that she hated the Mormons that she liked the Jehova Witnesses better. I was like ok but can we give u a pamphlet anyway and she said yes and then I said is their anything we can do for u and she said pray so I said ok can we come in and pray. lol Hna Disndale told me after that she didn't mean for us to come in and pray but I mis understood. lol So we entered and I gave a prayer and I felt that right then I should tell Joseph Smith's story so I did and she started crying and then we gave her a Book of Mormon so she could read and pray so she could know that it was true. She didn't want us to come back but she said she was going to read. It was a really strong lesson even though she didn't accept for us to come back. Hna Dinsdale even commented about how strong the spirit was.
Love Sis Moss.
I dont know how much I will be able to write next week because we are going to visit Hna Dinsdales converts. We are going to go to Los Andes whoo. I'm excited cuz I havn't been there in almost a year.
Love, Hna Moss

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