Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cody's News 4/11/2011

Hello Everyone,
Things here are exciting, Elder Catucuago came from concepcion and we got to working hard, we have found a bunch of people and we are planning on having lots of success. We are planning on baptizing a bunch of people with the focus on the family of course. Also Elder Catucaugo is the elder that created the plan PRO-juntos it is the plan the mission is using to get the missionary work going in all of the mission. With the focus on retention, activation and our favorite ....... baptism. Elder Catucuagos has three months of the mission left. We are going to make the most of it. He is from Ecuador and is very spiritual and a hard worker. Things are turning into a winter wonderland here. It is starting to rain and it is getting to be a bit chillier. Hey cool experience, we were returning to a house of some people that we had found but they were not there so then this guy that was standing the the street said "Hey! did they just leave you hangin? you know one time I let missionaries come to my house and then they never came back! Why don't you guys come to my house Sunday at 7?" So we went and we taught him and his wife last night so its interesting to see that the Lord prepares the way even though the other people were not there the Lord place another guy in our way so that we could help him and his family. We are really excited to get working and find all the people that the Lord has for us here. We also started sharing with a less active brother and his wife and they blessed their baby this week so we are working with them, also the daughter and grandson of a sister that are living with her, we have found some other people to, we have found a bunch.
Elder Cody Moss

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