Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amber's News 4/4/2011

Hey Everyone, conference was awesome right. Things here have been good just working hard. I loved the talk that Elder Bednar gave about receiving revelation and that sometimes it is an ongoing process. I also really liked Elder Oaks talk about our desires and what we really want. And I loved that they all bashed the guys about getting married it was awesome. Elder Scott's talk about his wife was sooo cute. I want my marriage to be just like his.

We have a few people that we are working with. I have been learning a lot about teaching with the spirit and teaching people that the way they get revelation is through praying. When U have a habit of prayer U come closer to God and it is easier for you to recognize answers. Though reading we also receive revelation and when we go to church. Because we hear the words of the prophets in both of these. It has really helped my investigators a lot and it has really strengthened my testimony. Plus they will have their own testimonies an they will know how to endure to the end.

Well I'm doing really well and I'm excited to talk to u all in a few weeks and then I will be seeing U all in a few weeks it is pretty crazy.
To prepare for earthquake i would suggest water. They had cut the water here for like a week. A bunch of people had their pools so they were ok they were able to give some to neighbors and everything. But since we don't have a pool. That would be a great thing, to make sure you have water. Plus I was thinking this week about our storage room and wanted to tell U to make sure we have everything and to see what we need, what you need to throw away, and what new you need to buy. Plus just after being in a little trembler I would say that all of your canned food is toast. It is all going to fall and break. You need to work on having something that will hold those jars in. A lot of people here robbed because they usually don't even buy enough food for one day so they had nothing. That is why Cody said to have a gun. But they had people on guard during the night with big fires watching so people didn't break into their house. Might I suggest you all do what the Chileans do put bars over all your windows and have a big metal fence out front with spikes. I decided already that it is going to be weird to come home and none of the houses have fences out front and that you can just go right up to the door and knock. It kinda makes me uncomfortable thinking about it. Maybe some more rice and wheat those types of things go a long way. Plus rice grows. If you are prepare the Lord will bless you, that there will be enough.
Hope U have a great week.
Love Hna Moss

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