Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cody's News 2/21/2011

Hey there,
Well after 3 months in Hualqui the big man stepped in and is now sending me to Curico so that is going to be one long, long bus ride it will be like 6-7 hours of travel time. Right, once I got sort of accustomed to Hualqui I get sent away. Oh well. So they are sending sisters in to replace me and they are going to get to enjoy all that work that I did for them. This week the single adults from Curico down to Concepcion had a missionary activity in Hualqui. That was interesting and Elder Castillo and I got assigned 6 girls to show around Hualqui so they could do their activity. That was kind of awkward. Hey you should try some soup down here I think that they make some pretty decent stuff. Especially because they throw eggs into it. :), so im off again! love chao.
My decision to go on a mission. I believe it was that ever since I was little I had wanted to go on a mission and yes for a while I wasn't to sure if I wanted to or not but that got all cleared up and I started to make the preparations, it was funny because when I talked with President Frischknecht he was saying that there must have been something that I was going to be sacrificing like a car or girlfriend or some computer that I was going to miss but when he was saying that I was like I'm not really sacrificing anything because the car I can sell the girlfriend I don't have and the computer I don't have either. So it was relatively an easy decision to go.
So, I'm off again! Love you,
Elder Moss

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