Monday, February 7, 2011

Cody's News 2/7/2011

Hello All,
So this Sunday we should be having a baptism. He is the son of less active parents but his grandma is active and every night he sleeps in her house. He should be getting baptized his name is Marco. We should be getting our old couple married this week and then they will get baptized the Sunday after their marriage. and we have some other people that we are teaching that all live in the same neighborhood because it is really new and just about all the people that live there are new to Hualqui and many are willing to listen to us so that's great! So this week is The Festival of Corn (Choclo) and we had all the missionaries in the zone come and we did a bunch of contacts and all the people that were there are from Talcahuano and Concepcion. Well we are just working away here in Hualqui and today we are going to the festival and we are going to eat some pastel of choclo which will be delicious. With the recipes I acutally want to buy a book that is called The Great Book of the Chilean Kitchen I need to see if I can buy it used because it is expensive.
Love you,
Elder Cody Moss

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