Monday, February 14, 2011

Amber's News 2/14/2011

Hello All,
Well the other day Hna Dinsdale and I were walking so we didn't feel the earthquake. We walked into a little store and they asked us if we felt it and we said no when did it happen. So for us to feel the earth quake here in Santiago u had to be sitting down in your house or something, or u would miss it like I did. But I have felt one like that before so I know what its like. Our district leader and Elder Elder (he is my district again) were teaching tithing on the 3 floor of a building so they felt it and said it was pretty fun. When I first got here I had felt one like that. It is so weird because everything is moving. Not just u but the whole house. It is so weird to experience. We have heard a lot of stories about the one last year. It sounded horrible.
This week we found a kid that is 12. He came to church with us yesterday. His mom and brother are less active. So he has been before. Last night we taught him about the holy ghost and baptism. He loved it. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes but that their wasn't anyone in his family that could baptize him. We told him that we would help him find someone in the church that could baptize him. He was really excited and said that he was so excited he didn't have words. We asked him to say the last prayer and he gave thanks for us and thanks for this special day and that he is going to achieve his goal. I guess it has always been a goal of his to get baptized. So we are going to help him reach his goal woot. I was so happy after. It always makes me so happy to see people excited about the gospel and to want it so much. It was really good to see this week especially after we had a few people say no to us pretty strongly.
We are just working hard and talking with everyone. I'm learning a lot especially about the word work. Today and the other day I had been studying how to receive revelation and all and I found that before we have faith and pray we have to be humble to receive an answer. Also to begin with you need to have faith, repent and be baptize they have to be humble to receive what we are teaching. Just like when Alma is teaching a group of people and another group that is humble comes up to him and he turns and starts to teach them because they are humble and the other group isn't. It was really interesting. So now I'm looking for humble people like Brian. Because they have fertile soil where the word can grow and they can start to have faith. Repent and be baptized.
I love u Hna Moss

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