Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amber's news 1/31/2011

This week was a little crazy for Sister Moss. She had wanted me to get her enrolled into BYU for the fall and I had waited to long and there were to many things she needed to do that I could not so it was a no go. She wrote this Things here are going well its a little toasty but good We had changes so I'm with another Hermana but I'm still in the same sector. We are working hard and working on finding the people that are prepared to have the gospel. Then I received a letter from her this week and would like to share this from it.I don't want to lie and say it has not been hard to be away from you all for so long it has, but it has been worth it to be here to have the knowledge and experiences that I now have. To see the changes that people can make in the gospel and the help them find that joy and peace that they long for. In November Elder Corbridge came and to talk to us. It was really really good. He talked about how the gift of the Holy Ghost was the greatest gift that we could have. one thing that really stuck out to me was when he said the biggest problem that we have in the mission is to not have the spirit. And that the biggest problem we have for a member is to not have the spirit. Everything depends on us having the spirit. It is our source for happiness, peace and love. If we want more of one of these things in our lives we have to have more of the spirit in our lives. We do that by reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, doing, saying and wanting those things that will not offend the spirit. Every good thing we have cones by the spirit.
Hopefully we will get more news of how she is doing next week.
Have a great week, Vickie

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