Monday, February 7, 2011

Amber's News 2/7/2011

Hmm things have been going well. I really like my new comp she is really great. We found a bunch of great people this week. We are working on getting them to accept dates to be baptized and to go to the church. We have been trying to fight with vacations here. I never thought I would hate the word but here we are. They go on vacations here for months so we have 10 converts in our sector and only 3 are here right now the rest are gone. Also we contact people and they say that yeah we can pass by but not till March. I know that their are people here but we are still looking for them. My comp is really great and we are going to kick some hind parts. Honestly I had a hard last cambio. But I am really excited for this cambio and we are going to have a lot of success. I have been learning a lot of things lately. And working hard.
Well I love u all tonz and hope everything is going well.
Love Hna Moss

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