Monday, February 14, 2011

Cody's News 2/14/2011

Hey so this week we have had some really exciting happenings here in Hualqui. Maria and Delfin, an old couple that are in their upper 70s that have been sharing with missionaries for more than a year and a half got married and baptized this Friday. It was a really nice service and it was all organized in 2 days (man that was stressing) we went to the city on Wednesday and they gave us a time to get them married on Friday at 6 in the church so that's what we did, We then baptized them and they were confirmed on Sunday. It was funny because I baptized the old man and when we entered into the water he said a prayer to bless the water. haha. But also this Sunday we had another baptism of an 11 year old son of less actives. He lives with his active grandma so that was nice also. Hopefully we should be having some more baptisms soon.

love you all
Elder Cody Moss

I asked about the recent earth quakes.
Everything is all good I am a little inland and the water that is close to me is the river Bio Bio and it is almost dry enough for me to walk across. I'm not sure how South I am but it is all good here nothing has happened. Just people are scared out of thier pants thats all.

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