Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amber's News 1/3/ 2011

Happy new year!!
Well I celebrated the new year in my bed sleeping yeah. Everyone here stays up till at least 5 am. So they all slept in during the day so their weren't to many people we could visit. But this week we have a lot of appointments so it should be really good. We didn't feel the earthquake. It's been really hot lately. Oh We found some one from Haiti and so we taught a lesson in Spanish and part in French. It was really hard to do. We had a member with us that knows a little bit of French and we gave them a French Book of Mormon. We had also printed out the first lesson in French so they read parts out loud in French and then asked us questions in Spanish and we responded in Spanish. It was really different. I read a few things in the French Book of Mormon and I could understand a little bit but not much. But when our investigator was talking I did not understand anything except God and Jesucristo. They pronounce everything really weird. Bueno that was basically this week. Except for knocking a few doors with the DVD How to Find Faith in Christ. We would ask if they wanted to watch this movie with us it is about the life of Christ and it is 20 mins. I had never done it this way but actually we have a bunch of people that want to watch it but they said the next week. So a few weeks ago the spirit gave me this idea and so we tried it out and it has worked pretty well.

I am working on writing my goals and I will finish writing them today.
Love you, Sister Moss

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