Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cody's News 1/3/2011

Well things are just peachy king down here, there was the earthquake but nothing happened the earth just moved a little bit but thats all. It seems like everything and every one are all partied out. Ya, the weather has been nice and hot but I don't get why the one year that I'm not there in Utah it has to snow so much, why? Oh well there is always hope for next year. Sounds like your class went well sorry I wasn't much help for ya there. Well for your new years stuff you just need to be specific and maybe have like a date to finish the stuff like for your quilt what day do you want to finish it or something like that. And the book one is good maybe you could pick now which books or some of the books now and leave some of the picking for later. Some thing like that for your goals. Well that is some thing that President Humphrey actually talked with me about a little bit because he told me not to settle for the status quo but that I need to make a goal of the number of people that I am going to help get baptized. We have some good contacts that I believe have a really good possibility of getting baptized this month they are Camila, and a mom and son named Maria and Roberto. They are really great and so I will keep you updated about them. Hey so I finished the Book of Mormon on Christmas day I started the 1st of November and ended on the 25 of December. and after i was able to kneel down and say a prayer it was a really nice experience. Yep my companion is from Peru and he know nothing of english so I get to talk with him in Spanish.
Take care
Elder Cody Moss

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