Monday, January 24, 2011

Amber's news 1/24/2011

This week I asked about shopping in Chile and this was her explanation:
Shopping. It is a little different in every city. Right now we shop in Lider it is owned by walmart. They have a few things that u can buy that are the same in the states. It has peanut butter but it cost 5-6$ and it a little bottle. They now have Snickers, Twix and recently got real Oreos! They have Coke and sometimes Pepsi. They don't have Root Beer, Mountain dew or Dr. Pepper here. The yogurt is different they have one kind that I really like that u drink from the cup. When u buy your fruits and veggies u have to go to the center of the fruit and veggie part and someone will weigh it for u and put a sticker on your bag saying how much it costs. They have different bread here which is really really good. They have a whole aisle of yogurt. They also have a whole section of hot dogs. They have a whole aisle for soda. When I was in Lampa we shopped at Unimarc which is about half the size of Allens and they didn't have very much, I have started cooking rice and on the side avocado, hard boiled egg and tomatoes. oh it is so delicious. Or sometimes I make a pb and j. Oh the other day I and the best sandwich it was my first tuna fish sandwich in more than a year. But on top of my tuna I put avocado. That was really tasty. In Santiago in the Mall they have a burger King, Pizza hut and a McDonalds. In almost all of the stores and malls they have security guards. For breakfast I usually eat cereal. Right now we are eating in our house but before we were eating with members everyday. Now we just eat with them Saturdays and Sundays.

Oh Mom in Santiago they have a whole road of sewing stores and piles and piles of fabric. When u come I will have to show it to u. And if Whit and Aubrey come visit they will die when they see patronato this is a city full of clothes. It is streets and streets of places selling clothes. They have another huge street that is full of food. They have many others but I don't know all of the streets and what they sell.

The culture here is, they don't buy their food once a week like we do, they buy it everyday. They have to have fresh bread and soda. So they buy just a little bit everyday. They also have feria this is where they will come for a day to a street and put up little stands and sell. Fish, fruit, veggies, potatoes, corn, clothes, electronics and much more. So they do that for a day in the street and then the next day they are in another street in the city and they do that everyday. But things always cost less at the feria then they do at the stores. Also people here have little stores inside their houses. Usually they will change the garage into a store. So they have snacks and fruit, veggies and soda, bread and other things that u would need. Some also have computers to use internet (like the one we are in right now) There are a lot of these little stores in houses for example where we live their are about 3 that are pretty close to us. So the parents usually send their kids to buy the little things that they need usually the bread and soda for (dinner that is small- they usually eat bread with avacado and tomato or completos-hotdogs)

This week we found a few people are are working with them to help them pray and read the book of mormon and of course to go to church.
Hey we have transfers next Monday so I don't know if I will still be in Quilicura or not. I'm feeling that I'm going to stay for another six weeks and then leave but really I have no idea. Maybe I will be in another area or with another comp.
Love hna moss

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