Monday, January 10, 2011

Ambers news 1/10/2011

This week we were in the street a lot. Knocking doors, well really we can't knock cuz their are fences in front of all the houses we were yelling at doors almost all the week. We have been really busy. We have been helping a bunch of members in ward. Some of them have been having problems so we go and help them out. We had a abuele (granny) help us out this week with a lesson. She is 80 years or so old. And she shared her testimony about how she loved the Book of Mormon. And how she was born Catholic and was going to die Catholic. But she read the Book of Mormon and knew it was true. Her biggest problem was the wine. She had been drinking for 50 years. She had to have it with every meal because she said her food wasn't good without it. Now that she doesn't drink she gives us juice and she alway says we cant finish this conversation without a cup in hand. lol she is so funny.
We found another old lady. She was more than happy to have a Book of Mormon. So we talked with her and read from the book. She really wants to know the truth but is afraid to leave her house. I promised her that if she would go to church with us God would protect her and her house and she didn't have to worry. When I promised her this I felt really strongly that God would fulfill this promise. It was great. But she still said no. We are going to keep working with her. Her name is Auorora. I can't say it. Even though it is the name of sleeping beauty. So I will either practice it or just keep calling her Hermanita.
Bueno things that I have learned lately.
I was reading in a book, that for Christ the miracles that he preformed weren't miracles. That is because he had the knowledge of how to do it. He knew exactly how it worked to be able to bring it about.
I also read that in the spirit world we don't sleep. That Satan has no power over us. That we are very busy teaching the gospel. That the people in the spirit world can see us.
The people that followed Satan in the war in heaven, lost their agency because of the way that they used their agency.
This made me think a lot about our agency and how important it is. Really we are still fighting the same battle - How we will use our agency? Before we were with God and now we are not so that is the next test to see how we will use our agency when we are not with him.
Faith is power
The Holy Ghost is power. The Holy Ghost is the power to change. The Holy Ghost is joy, peace and love. If we feel like we don't have one of these things it is because we fault the Holy Ghost. So we have to do the things to have more of the Holy Ghost. Every Good thing comes from the Holy Ghost.
Talking about the work. I have learned that.
1. Our attiude about things determine everything.
2. I don't know much
3. We can't do it alone - God has to help us. (3 and 4 go together)
4. We can receive personal revelation- Daily
5. God loves us.
6. We decide our future
Keep your testimony strong. You never know when we could have a spiritual disaster. Your testimony is your seventy two hour kit/Food storage. Interesting in our ward it seems that a few families here have had this and their testimony was shaken. Some have fallen and some have stayed in the church. I remember a while ago someone gave a talk about this that we have a choice when something like this happens. To get closer to the church or to leave the church. Hopefully our testimony is strong enough that we recognize that if we cling to the church we can have pain and/or regret taken away from us. This is all done through Jesus Christ.
love, Hna Moss

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