Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cody's News 5/23/2011

Things are good we though we were going to see some good stuff happen this week but that didnt happen. My new comp is Elder Huerta he is from San Antonio Texas. He is are great kid, we are working it up but we have had a few unexpected problems come up of people not wanting to get married AHHH! darn Chileans cannot understand that the Lord will bless them tons if they were to just sign a paper! But even when we explain they don't understand. Well they all need to get married but they don't really want to right now..... but I'm feeling great no I haven't felt like I have had any colds, and it was raining this week but the rain stopped yesterday. Things are going good we are working on finding people like always and we had a few people come to church yesterday and they told us that they were going to get married but now it seems like they have changed their mind so we are going to find out about that tonight. I'm district leader over one other sector. My first sector so that is pretty crazy is it not?
love you
stay strong,
Elder Cody Moss

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