Friday, May 20, 2011

Amber's News 5/16/2011

This week we had a lot success we have been teaching Roxana she is awesome and she is accepting everything. She was going to go to church but her son Franco was sick and he is a little baby so she couldn't leave the house. ah Roxana is really great. She said this last week that she likes what we are teaching. It really stays with her and helps her. I asked her last night if she could feel a difference in her life and she told me that she could feel a difference and that she feel more peace and that she could handle things with more calmness and she feels really good. She is awesome she talked with elders about ten years ago in Concepcion and now she is going to be baptized the 5th of June. I'm so excited for her. Hna Hadlock and I are doing good. The Hadlock is awesome. She is a really hard worker and she talks with everyone. I love our contacts because we are both so excited when we do them and we really listen to people. All of our success has come from contacts. I think that the people are so surprised at how nice, happy and caring we are. We had one contact tell us that she just felt really good with us. One of our investigators talked about how she never lets people come in and we talked with her in the street and she felt that she should give us her address so she gave it to us. Then her sister was asking how she could let us in but she said that she felt really good and wanted to learn. The weeks are just flying by right now. Hna Hadlock and I have been so busy.
I'm thinking that I give my talk the week that I get home then we can go on vacaction!!!
Hey can u check on when I need to sign up for the spring BYU semester?
Love, Amber

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