Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cody's News 5/16/2011

HEY YALL, well I am moving again this time I'm going to Talca again to the ward that was right next to my first. I am going to be a District leader. So I will have some responsibility now. This week was kinda lame though because we were going to have some people come to church that are awesome and they didn't come so that was a bummer. We found some great new people. But I'm not going to be here any more so my companion and the missionary that he is going to train are going to get to baptize them all. I am going to a ward called Jardin del Valle, it is a big ward for here, of about 140 people, when was there. One of my coverts in Talca lives there so I'm going to get her whipped into shape along with her husband that is not member. I have been working hard on not eating in the night and I have been losing a few pounds so I just got to keep working at that and I'll be a skinny guy in a fat coat. Like you said things are going to be pretty exciting to see what happens here in the near future.

Elder Cody Moss

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