Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cody's News 2/8/2010

Hey Mom!

Things are good here, our investigators are good we finaly got three to come to church! Two are a mom and a daughter with the son of the daughter (about 7 years old the son) and also this week while we were in the street we found a lady that had talked with the Sisters before in san javier and it has been about three or 4 months since her husband committed suicide so she came to church and she had alot of questions so it made for a good gospel principles class. One thing that is really different about Chile is that there are alot of busses and collectivos (taxis) but they all have diffrent routes that they drive on and they pick you up and drop you off when ever you want on that route really the only thing that is really different is the food and the fact that all the people here listen to alot of music in english. The coolest thing well I'm not sure I am in the city right now but one thing that I think is hilarious is there are these people that ride around selling potatoes and tomatoes and watermellon and they ride around with a mikerophone and speakers all day yelling " La Papa La Papa La Papa La Papa La Papa La Papa tomates La Papa La Papa Sandia La Papa La Papa tomates por MIL PESO(about 2 dollars)" but the speakers are so bad and they go so fast that you cannot really understand what they are saying. People ask me all the time if i miss my family so I say yes my companion laughs at me but I am not going to lie and say that I dont want to see my family because they are the people that I love and will get to spend eternity with. So yes I miss you and would love to see you. Oh and Elder Murillo that I live with he said that I need more pictures because he is sick and tired of looking at the same pictures of my family all the time...... so for Elder Murillo I need some more ( and for me).

Love you
Elder Cody Tyler Moss
or better known as Son

Hey Dad,

Right now the hardest thing is to get people to come to church. It is that it
is summer and lots of people are vacationing. But this Sunday we had
three people come to church I think I wrote mom a little about this so
talk with her about them. My mission president is President Chavez and
he is native to Chile and I think that we really only get to see him twice in
a cambio during conference and when he does interviews. He is good. I
like how he is really focused on working and directed on the work. My
companion likes this but also he doesn't, but I think it is great. we do
alot of walking and every once in a while if we are going some where in
our sector that is really far or we need to get there fast we take the
bus. I am really thankful that you took the time to teach me to be
obedient and to work hard. With my companion some times we end up going to
a house for a couple of hours and I really hate that because we have a
rule that says that the longest a lesson can be is 45 minutes and we don't
even really teach any thing so that for me right now is kinda hard but I
am sticking with my principles and what you taught me. The one thing
that I remember the most that you seemed to take the most time to teach
me is that "a Moss is a finisher we never give up" thanks dad love you.

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