Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cody's News 2/1/2010

On Feb 1, 2010

Hola hola,

The work here is great we have about 10 people with a baptismal
commitment (we usually commit them after the first time we teach them a
lesson) but a lot have a hard time getting to church we are teaching
one family Claudia and Jorge and they are fantastic but every Sunday
they go out into the campo (country side). My companion is district
leader and so yesterday we had a interview we had to do so after we
had lunch we got in a bus for a about 3 hours or so and rode to
constitution we had the interview about 40 minute and then we got in
a bus and rode back. On the way back all the seats were full so Elder
Orellana and I stood up for the whole time it wasn’t too bad. Well
the weather changes with the states when it is cold in Utah it is
hot in Chile when it is hot in Utah it is cold in Chile so in about
3 or 4 months it will start to cool down (it is going to be a little
weird to see snow in July) I don’t really read much other than the
scriptures and the packet from the mission that I received that has
the rules and some talks ( it has the beware of pride talk which I
forgot to get and bring with me.) how is your reading of the
scriptures? one thing that I did while I was in the MTC one of the
elders had a book full of inspirational quotes and I bought some
really thin paper for my scriptures and I wrote allot of those and
put them in various places in my scriptures so I have the word of
God and what a few other people have gleaned in this life. like from Benjamin Franklin, Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Thomas Edison and a lot
of other people it is great. But really how is your scripture
study? Well I need to go
love, Elder Moss

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