Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cody's News 2/15/2010

Ya, I am doing great and the spanish is coming along fine we have a mother and a daughter that started coming to church that are really intent on being baptized so that is going to happen soon and we have a young couple with 2 kids that are fantastic but since it is summer and the husband has been vacationing off of work so they haven't been able to come to church but I think they will this Sunday. My companion and I get along allot of the times some times though it seems like he has problems with the gringo culture and I am like hey the people here do things that would offend me all the time but they don't know my culture, like one week at church it was a little cold and this guy walked up to me and said "oh hey your chubby you can't feel the cold can you?" Now I know that he doesn't know that calling a person fat to their face is an offense in our culture but it is not so bad here. We just finished our shopping for the week and I bought some Trix :) because I had frosted flakes last week and they don't have anything like Rasin Bran so Trix is what it is. So yesterday I found that the ants invaded my cereal and I am not really sure how I am going to protect it this week because they can clim up walls and stuff, so I can't really hang it from the ceiling, because they can still get to it that way, the fridge is the only bug proof place but that is pretty tight to share with every one.

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