Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amber's News 2/11/2010

This week our lesson was awesome! We taught a girl that didn't believe in God. The most amazing thing about it was seeing her countanance change. It was so awesome to see the effect that the Holy Ghost had. Especially after Hermana Young sang estoy un hijo de dios ( I am a child of God) It was really nice to have the lesson go pretty well. Last week en espanol ah it was really hard because I couldnt say much. But this week Hermana Jensen said I talked the most. My espanol was totally different I am still working on cong verbs and learning words but I'm able to say quite a bit now but understanding oh man I have to focus so hard and some times I still don't get what is going on especially with my maestro that went to Chile. But my maestro that went to Mexico is alot eaiser to understand. I have heard in some other missions that you can use po so I'm interested in finding out what I will be albe to use. Also when we talked to the Chilean he said that in Santiago the mountains were way bigger that what we have in Utah. The have snow all of the time even in the summer. So if we lived there mom would never have let us go swimming becuase the rule is you can't swim or be outside without shoes and socks unless there is no snow on the mountains. So I'm pretty sure that Santiago is the place were you can go surfing and snowboarding in the same day! Also easter island is in my mission! I also learned that there are 10 million people in santiago not 5. And Santiago north is the poor part of the city. So the people there are very nice and humble. I was also told that I will be eating very different from Cody it will be more like the states. I guess I will see when I get there. Oh yes my departure date is March 1 Ok! Next Thursday I should be getting my travel plans and next Wednesday I host for the new missionaries.

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