Monday, February 22, 2010

Cody's News 2/23/2010

Things here are good, I am starting to miss home more and more every day, yesterday at lunch one of the sisters that we ate lunch with was talking about how ever since she was a little girl she had a dream of eating waffles like gringos, now she is about 24 or so and I was like oh no! I used to eat waffles at least once every month and now I haven't had them in a good while I really want some. It is crazy that 4 months have passed away and now I have almost a year and half left WOW! I never thought that the time would go by so fast. SHOOT, I need to pick it up to start saving more souls ( We have three people that are getting baptised this Sunday). If the time keeps going as fast as it has I will be home in no time at all. Wow wow wow! Dad how was it for you with the time when you were on your mission? Did it go by super fast, or slow or at times both? That is one thing about this life and eternity you can never stop time but one thing about God is that I don't think he really measures time. Yes the sciptures talk about the time of God but if you are going to live forever and if you have always existed how can you measure time? Can you belive that Whitney will be out of school soon? It is such a crazy thing to see how with time all things change but the only things that are constant are God and Jesus and Thier gospel.

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