Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cody's News 8/22/2011

I have not had any baptisms this week, just working away and people coming to church.
I ask Cody for something I could use in my up coming lesson: so for repentance, well its just that people change like for example, when they learn about the word of wisdom, that same day they quit drinking coffee and tea, its stuff like that the most important thing to remember is that repentance is a change. You change and make your self different the way the lord wants you to be. He said the time changed in Chile and was wondering when it would change here. Right now with there change we are one hour different. Cody would like to get into BYU. For the winter semester and so some of our e-mail in pertaining to what needs to be done for that.
Have a great week,

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