Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cody's News 8/15/2011

Things are going well we had 2 people in church and it seems like one should be getting baptized soon this next week. We are just pushing along we are hoping that we can get a lot more of these people that we are teaching into church next week so they can start progressing. We talked with one of the ward councilors and starting in September we are going to have 6 ward missionary couples and they are going to help people go from investigator to the sealing process. We found some new people and we are working on getting them with baptismal dates. Today for lunch I ate a Chorrillana super yummy! so we are going to come to chile next summer right? Because I want to take you guys to Oscars and Patricia's sealing. They would love it I told them that we wanted to come back at that time and they were like that would be sweet and they wanted to take us here to Talca and do a bunch of stuff.
Elder Moss

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