Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amber's News 8/8/2011

So I finally made it home from Chile. It has been a little different to be back. Especially the weather change from winter to summer. The change from spanish to english was a little rough in the beginning too. I had to realize that not everyone knew what I was saying but I wasn't really catching that I was speaking spanish till my family just stared at me.

I have been on a vacation for the last 3 weeks. Meaning that I don't have any responsibilities...yet haha well this week I plan on working out what I'm doing for school. I am going over to BYU this week to talk to them and then I'm going to be working on some job applications and getting back into everything.

The food here at home is....amazing. I liked chilean food but I love my moms food. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really eating it because I still feel like I'm dreaming.

For the first week and a half home I wasn't without a companion haha I switched off between my mom and my 2 sisters. When one of my sisters went to work I was with the other and when they were both gone I was hanging out with my mom. So now I am fine alone that was probably something hard for me to adjust to. I always enjoyed having someone to talk to.

I miss the people in Chile a lot. Facebook has been a blessing. Because I have been able to communicate with a bunch of the people there and have been able to talk with them. The people there are amazing and will always have a place in my heart.

Its been really weird to be home but it has been great to be with the family and start a new phase of my life.

- Amber Moss

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