Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cody's News 8/29/2011

Well, things went pretty decent this week, the only lame thing is that no one came to church, and in fact Elder Relyea had a dream where he dreamed that none of our investigators would go to church and that is exactly what happened so I told him that he needed to quit with all those lame dreams and start dreaming baptisms. Other than that things went well, we had interviews with President Humphrey and I enjoyed that. We found a wife of a less active brother and we are hoping to be able to get her to church the main problem is that she works at the supermarket and so she also works Sundays. We are working on the other people. We also taught Jimena about the 10 commandments and since she believes in one of the virgins down here I didn't know really how to handle that situation but I hope everything worked out and that she understood that she needs to only worship God the father through Jesus Christ. Natacha still continues without a testimony. That is what we are working on and getting everything in order so they can get baptized. Well it seems like every thing is good at home your all working away and studying and if this next 2 months go as fast as this one I'm home in a jiffy. Hope things are well gone well for everyone and that you are having a good day.
Elder Moss

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