Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cody's News 9/5/2011

Well this week went well and we had a baptism. Natacha finally got baptized finally!! It took a lot of effort but it happened. So that is pretty satisfying we worked hard this week and nothing else really happened we didn't get in that many houses and the few people that let us in were not that good. We are hopeing to get Jimena baptized soon the 18th of September is coming up and that is going to be super fun so that is in 2 more weeks, the ward is really progressing and they are calling more ward missionaries and we are going to start working with them and get everything all peachy and working. Cambios are in a few weeks and we will see if I stay with Elder Relyea for my last 6 weeks or not so we are in for a good time these next few weeks. But hey just gotta work away, just 7-8 more weeks and I can rest in peace. Today we played some touch foot ball and ate some donde alex it was super tasty they give tons of avocado and mayo so its super delicious.
Until next week.
Elder Moss

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