Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cody's News 1/11/2010

Cody reports that last year his mission the Chile Concepcion mission had baptized 1004 people. The mission goal for this year is 150 baptisms a month. He says to find investigators we share a scripture with members and ask if they know anyone we can teach. We also talk to people in the street and if they have time we talk about baptism and how Christ was baptized by immersion and by one who had proper authority (John the Baptist) most of the time we use passalong cards. When we go up to doors to talk with the people most of the time you don't knock because the people have a fence in front of their house so we say halo in a spanish accent of course and talk with the people and say we are missionaries of Jesus Christ and we have a message how families can be together for ever and ask if we can share it with them. He writes There are soo many inactive here that we work with them, but also you can find them just about any where. It's crazy like we went contacting and we talked with a lady and asked if we could teach her and she said no but we could teach her daughter well it turns out the lady is an inactive member for like forever. And one time we went to a house and did the deal: Hi we're missionaries...... and the lady said we couldn't share well Elder Orellana got to a talking with her and she said that we could never guess what religion she was after going through just about every one it turns out the lady is and inactive member, there are so many here and when we find them we share a scripture and invite them to church.

Cody is doing great the language is coming along the food is a different he is eating some things he would choose not to eat at home like tomatoes, cucumbers and excessive mayo. They are offered alot of soda pop and he had heat exhaustion the other day but after a couple of Tylenol and a lot of water he was feeling better. He says he is enjoying it and anything he mentioned that was negative was for information because I asked. That he is doing well and likes it. In his words "Mom things are good here its just like the U.S. but different. Like the language, the food, and the people but other then that it is the same ha ha.

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