Friday, January 8, 2010

Amber's News: 1/7/10

We received our first e-mail from the MTC. Amber is doing well. There are 3 sisters in her district. So that means that Amber has 2 companions. And they are both great. She says that "the first Wednesday and Thursday were very hard and intense days. But after that it has been awesome. Sunday was especially great. I bore mi testimonio en espanole. The second day we also learned how to pray. We sing a lot in spanish which I love. One of my favorite things is when we all read as a district out of the Book of Mormon." Amber says that she can understand about half of what they are saying and so the language is coming. Her Hermamas have taken a language before and so it is coming a little faster to them. She is having a great time but she assures us that she is making sure they all stay on task.

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