Monday, July 11, 2011

Cody's News 7/11/2011

Well today we cleaned the house, we went shopping and we ate some chorrianas they were yummy!! I enjoyed it, we baptized on Saturday, Patricia, Oscar and Sofia they want to go to the temple in a year and so I want to go to and see them get sealed as a family. You and Dad can come to. That was great we ate some carrot cake after the baptism with them. We are also teaching Natasha and she is really close to getting baptized this week, if not this week I think at least in this month. We are working on finding new people as always and we are also teaching Natasha's sister and the sisters boyfriend. So that is good they just need to get married because they are living together and then they could get baptized. There are also 2 girls that members have been bringing to church for a while now and they want to get baptized but they need permission for us to teach them. As soon as the mom lets us in to the house though they´ll get baptized. Elder Relyea and I have the goal of baptizing another 12 people in our time together so that is what we are after, we have around 5 people in our sights that have a decent possibility of getting baptized soon. That is great that you were able to spend some time with the Klassens, the senior couple in our mission are Clawson so thats funny you say it the same but it's different.
love you,
Elder Cody Moss

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